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With over 25 years of experience, we have assembled the genetics and industry knowledge that enables us to produce the highest of qualities in every product. With a focus on creation, consistency and quality our core is solidified in our fundamental belief: You do not have to sacrifice the quality to scale up quantity. Zenleaf is dedicated to working with the legacy operators that have helped this industry realize itself. Working together with them, we can ensure that the target market gets exactly what they are looking for. It is the repetition of our design and execution that ensures we can deliver a high end product consistently and dependably to not only our partners, but the end user. Made in California for California, organically and ethically. We are Zenleaf and our beliefs are simple: safe, clean products you can rely on.

                                                                                            – ZENLEAF

Indoor Facility

12,000sf facility in San Diego that is locally permitted and state licensed. 

Greenhouse Facilities

In the application process for 2 parcels in Oceanside for a total of 12 acres

Genetic Preservation

Able to initiate, clean up and locker verities for our young plant customers